zondag 15 september 2013

Healthy?? Fuck you thyroid!!!

Quiet for amfew months, ok, nearly 6 months! A lot has changed. Moved out (or kicked out, not sure anymore!) and a new relationship with Loes.

Picked up a few old habits, smoking as much as I used to (A lot! ) listening to music every night and back to working my ass of. In my spare time, traveling with Loes! Germany, Belgium Luxenbourgh, France, really found a new mate in that! Doing it again! 1250 KM in a weekend is nothing! :)

Yes, I'm able to do that again! Looking forward to the new direction I've moved in, no longer bothering about my thyroid, living again! Maybe a wee bit over active, but alive! Paris, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, all within my reach again! Fuck you Thyroid, you're not going to rule my life any longer, you've done that long enough!

The future? Long term, moving to Berlin, short term, moving to Germany!

Fuck you Thyroid, back to life!!!

vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Won the battle

Yes, you’re reading it correctly! I won the battle against my Thyroid! It took me well over 3 years to get to the point where I am right now! My levo intake is quite high, blood values are crap and I don’t really see a point in blood tests any longer as long as I feel physically fit as I am right now! Not going to run a marathon as yet, but it’s on the agenda! J Several specialist and numerous tests have concluded that I don’t have cancer, much to GP’s and oncologists surprise. ;)

The price!

I can be quite short about that! I’ve lost pretty much everybody around me! Most of my business, and some of the family and friends I care about! Am I sad? No, feel like I can take up arms against the whole world again!

So what’s next?

Short as well, start over again! Leaner and meaner than ever before (in a positive way of course!). Trying to leave most of my luggage behind! Not an easy task, but done it before!

I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I will be!

woensdag 25 juli 2012

The GP!

Said I had a prick of a GP, I'm convinced I have! He's actually determined to keep me alive and feeling well! It’s either that or he’s a sadistic prick who just wants to see needles stuck in me!

Good, what has he done so far?

Numerous blood test, as he calls it, you’ve reached your “own Risk” on your health insurance anyway! A check on Cholesterol and Vitamin D meant that I’m on more medication now besides my Levo! Been using it for a few weeks now and must admit I feel better already! Especially the vitamin shots I’m taking seems to make a difference!

Does that please my GP?
No, he’s not satisfied as yet!  An appointment with an other specialist has been planned, hopefully this specialist will find out why the hell I’m still vomiting all over the floor each and every morning!
Might add that that’s the worst of my side effects! Let’s hope I’m nearly there!

And as far as my GP is concerned, I wish all thyroid patients had a GP as I have!

zaterdag 21 april 2012

Getting stronger!

Things are changing! For the better! It feels like I’ve pushed a mental button somewhere. My thyroid seems to accept the fact that I control my mind and body, NOT my thyroid! Granted, my last levo increase ( from0,25 mg to 0,275 back to 0,2625 mg) had a lot to do with it! Surprisingly enough my last blood test were crap. With a TSH value of 0,007 and a T4 of 24 I ought to feel crap! I don’t!
I’m quite content with the GP, we don’t always agree, but on the thyroid side of matters he realizes that the only thing that matters is the quality of life, not the blood test results!

So, what have  I been up to lately?

Easy to answer! Work, work and more work! I’ve neglected it for too long now! Yes, I did do some work over the last 2 ½ years, but my god I made a mess out of it! To make matters worse my software
(outlook 2007 with BCM) is refusing to cooperate, which results that I have to reboot my computer about 3 times an hour just to access my database! Spend too many hours and sleepless nights trying to fix it! (Hence me not on twitter or FB all that much!) Priority one is to restore my database and earn a living! It’s probably going take me another two to three weeks to have it all sorted out again!

And yes, it does feel good to earn some money again, speak to my clients and doing the work I love! It will never make me rich, but hell, I do love my job!

So Thyroid you may screw yourself, I’ll give you the levo you need and you stop messing around with my body and mind!

maandag 30 januari 2012

Back to thyroid!

I've been quiet during the last few weeks! Mainly because a lot has been going on! Time for an update!

It's sure now! After a few tests the oncologist (much to his surprise!) concluded that I don't have cancer! Yay for that!I must admit it had me worried for a while!

Most of the physical discomforts are still related to that damned Thyroid!
A few weeks ago I decided to take measures in my own hand and increased my Levo intake drasticly! (0.2125 MG to 0.25 MG) Not everybody thought I was taking the right decision! I'm nearly a month underway and starting to feel a major improvement! Loving it!

To be honest, other things helped as well! I cut down on my smoking habit! planning to quit it completely as soon as I feel up to it! Wine and beer during the week are reduced to three glasses of wine! That also seems to help!

The depressions I've been in are slowly disappearing! Hardly fast enough, but on its way!

The new GP is supportive! Thats a help! He seems to know what he's talking about! I reckon he's one of the few!

OK, back to work for now! Keep u all posted!

vrijdag 30 december 2011

Another year passed!

It’s been a hectic year, 2011! Lots of things happened! Still here though!
December is also the time to make a balance! So what happened both in my Thyroid life as well as in business?

Let’s start with the business! I’m still here! Due to my sickness I’ve lost over ½ of my business! And 2/3 of my revenue! Ouch that hurts! Big time!
This does create possibilities for the new year though! I reckon I’ll write off 2011 with a loss! 2012 here I come, stronger than ever! Already started to prepare for it!

My Thyroid and me!

Were still not on speaking terms! Even though my blood values seems to be OK I still suffer from different aches and spend a large part of my working day vomiting above my keyboard! Hardly any fun in that!
My new GP seems to be very worried about my state of health! A new set of blood test was enough to send me of to an oncologist! In the process there, so far nothing has been found! Will learn more in January, when I will meet my oncologist again to discuss the results! Especially the oncologist part had me worried there for a second! I do think I’m fine though!

My tasks for 2012:
Get my business up and running again! I’ve got the tools, I’ve got the know how! New projects on an European scale!
Get my health sorted out once and for all! I’m sick and tired of being sick ½ the time!

2012, youre not gonne kick my ass!

woensdag 2 november 2011

A new GP, a new start!

I know, I'm stubborn and a terrible patient! That's because I don't want to be one! Have to face it though, I am one! Whether I like it or not! I depend on regular bloodtest for my THS and T4 levels.

The new GP I've got agreed to take me as a patient without taking my medical history in consideration! He's keen on getting me back on my feet and feel well again. That meant a new set of bloodtest (was due anyway!).

THS and T4 were within range this time,( I know! Doesn't mean a thing, but then again it is another benchmark for my levo intake!) but among other things my leukocytes readings were too high, as was my MCV Value and Cholosterol! Strange enough, B12 and folate values were within range again! Got an infection of some sort somewhere! And that might explain my vomting all during the day for the last 18 months or so!

Getting an Gastroscopy next week, then I will know for sure! Nothing to do now but wait!

The final insult came this week by mail! The Dutch state is awarding me a one time Euro 306 "reward" because i'm chronicly sick! Now that made me really sick!

Another 13 days, then it's a year since I saw a doctor because I felt sick! Thyroid and I will become friends again, but right now I hate the little basterd! Will keep you updated!